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Diego Cuadrado

CEO, Head of Insights

Gianluca Aiello

Head of UX & Design

Javier Hernandez

Head of IT

Francisco de Santiago

Head of Sales

People, enthusiastic, precise.

- In that order.


At Clintell, we are fully specialized in the services we offer. We have an extensive and continuous line of applied research along with all the necessary tools to get the information you need from your customers. We analyze their behavior, purchasing habits, satisfaction, usability, opinions, preferences, trends and much more, to thus be able to increase the efficiency of your platform, products, catalogs, e-commerce, price effectiveness, etc.

Our team is made up of a variety of professionals who are incredibly qualified in their areas.


We have psychologists specializing in purchasing behavior, subject analysis and applied neuroscience; researchers, in charge of the scientific studies on prices and UX; and a network of IT agencies that are responsible for the necessary implementations on your platform.


At Clintell, we rely so heavily on the quality of our work that if we don't get the results we’ve promised, we won't charge you a penny. If we fail to make your platform effective, obtain the required data from your customers or develop the necessary implementations, then we are not worthy of your money.

We won’t tell you how to do your job, your customers will.


We will always be completely straightforward and sincere with you. For any questions or requests, please use our contact section.

We will answer all of your questions with full transparency.

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Clintell is an insights company focused on scientific and user research, translating it into decisions which empower digital companies to take better actions.



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